Logistics Warehouse in Alverca

The client owned a plot of land in Vila Franca, next to CREL Highway, where he intended to build a logistics warehouse, which would have visibility from the Highway and represent the company’s image.

The plot is located on a strip of land allocated to the urban ecological structure and a non aedificandi area of the highway that is impossible to build, which led to the need for a major intervention at an architectural landscape level, to integrate and protect the building.

Once all the legal conditions were overcome and the building’s polygon had been implemented, according to the program there would have to be an area provided for offices and the remaining areas would be for storage. . The administrative area of ​​offices was installed closer to the arrival to the plot, freeing up the rest of the area for the manoeuvring of the trucks

The warehouse was designed with a finish of aluminium sheets lacquered in the company’s color on the upper floor and prefabricated concrete panels on the lower floor for reasons of resistance. These two materials were applied according to a metric that served as the motto for the entire intervention, pacing the metric for all the emergency doors, all the glazing in the administrative area and all the light entrances to the warehouse in polycarbonate sheets.

To mark, but also protect the entrance to the administrative area, which is also a permanence area for those who arrive, a canopy was designed that turns into a balcony on the upper floor, which brought to the whole project a very characteristic aesthetic, emphasis and movement.