MasterPlan Cacém, Portugal

It was in this area that a paper mill once operated, which later gave its name to the water line that runs through this valley and is now known as Ribeira do Papel. The “Cambournac Dyework” worked there until 1977, when political and social instability came to decree the end of this industry.

Currently, the building of the old factory, expanded in the 70s, is in a high state of degradation and only a few small industries operate in the space, perhaps due to low rents or the lack of them.

A MasterPlan was prepared for the revitalization of the land of the old factory, supported by a structured program for industry, services and commerce.

Taking advantage of the implantation of the old factory and its framing in the strategic plan for the council, the land promotor intends to develop a business centre composed of a set of buildings of controlled scale, that allow the implantation of small industries or businesses in this area, benefiting from the proximity to IC19 highway.

Allied to the construction of the business centre, a large commercial area was set up in the form of a supermarket and an anchor store. This large building will complete this intervention in regard to public facilities that contribute to the local economic dynamics, providing the services that lacking in this area.

North of the intervention, closer to the existing housing nucleus, it is proposed the construction of single-family houses, which will attenuate the demand for housing in this area, and can somehow offer a product of controlled scale, with quality, but at a standard accessible cost.

Next to the Senior Residences and Nursery to be implemented, there will be an Urban Park of 9,000m² that will integrate the proposal and will serve as a leisure facility for the entire intervention providing the space with a flow of users outside working hours.