Rural 4-Star Hotel, Praia Verde

The land is located next to the N125 road , close to Praia Verde and has a unique situation, rising above the surroundings and allowing an unobstructed view of the sea and the crowns of the pine trees that surround it.

Located on the land, we have a house from the 80s, with ample areas with a total of 900m², built by a former American boxer, who once chose this place as a vacation destination for life.

The Promoter intends to rehabilitate and expand the construction, to implement a 50-room, 4-star Rural Hotel, which might allow guests to have great contact with nature and a retreat for a restful stay.

The original house, very marked by its kitsch architecture, a collage of classic elements, perhaps to respond to a desire to convey some grandeur, with its columns and arched porches, was completely stripped of these “adornments” in the new proposal and with the help of some spatial reinterpretations, it was possible to refer it to a more traditional concept, but at the same time rational and current, which responded to the needs of the program.

The land that rises above the main predominant level, progresses almost in an amphitheater shape towards the sea view and tree mass, and the implantation of the expansion volumes was done taking advantage of the existing geomorphology, almost naturally adapting themselves to this shape.

To achieve this amphitheater configuration, the building was formally divided into three identical bodies, which are interconnected through uncovered patios that serve as vertical circulation cores, almost like hinges that allow the volume to be twisted and allow light to enter the interior distribution corridors. . The horizontal connection between the volumes of the expansion is made through an external walkway, which serves as a guiding thread for the entire intervention, creating accommodation and coverage points for the lower floors.

Castro Marim