Housing Condominium in Sobralinho, Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal

The program demanded a set of villas located on a plot facing South, with a steep slope and overlooking the Tejo River.
The houses were implanted in two positions separated by a proposed road axis, acquiring different characteristics, which created two very different and unique housing proposals.

As all of them have a living floor at street level, the “upper” houses open onto the entrance patio, with the windows of the rooms facing this space that serves as distribution and access to the upper floor.

On the upper floor, where we have the social spaces of the house and room with bathroom, the front façade opens up to the view over the river and the back façade opens to the private garden of each house, which will enclose another secluded and personal space for each house.

The “lower” houses will acquire a very different distribution, since their access is made through the upper floor and the house is semi-buried.

On the upper floor, the house has an office with a terrace, a garage and stairs leading to the lower floor. It’s down here that life unfolds, turning all the rooms onto a private garden that once again, like the “upper” houses, turns itself inwards for private sphere, with a great view over the Tejo River.